Gianluca Pasquale


Gianluca Pasquale real estate agent


As a local resident, raised and educated in the Concord area, Gianluca prides himself on knowing the local rental market while striving to offer the highest possible level of service to his clients.

Through this in-depth understanding and knowledge of the area and its vibrant lifestyle, Gianluca offers real insights and value at every stage of the sales and leasing process.

Having worked in customer service for years, he’s a natural communicator focused on arming his clients with all the market intelligence needed to make informed decisions. He is committed to listening to peoples’ needs while utilizing his keen negotiating skills to ensure a successful transaction.

Gianluca always puts himself in the shoes of his clients to understand the situation from their perspective. His intention and driving principle is to treat you, the client, exactly how he would want to be treated if he was the client.